AI Drone Kills Operator In Simulation

Or did it? Plus Neuralangelo reconstructs 3D surfaces from 2D videos video

The AI Breakdown First Five - Friday June 2, 2023

A note: the First Five experiment continues this week!

5. Biden Says AI Could Overtake Human Thinking

A couple weeks after the White House AI CEO meeting, it appears that President Biden is still thinking about AI. During his commencement speech at the Air Force Academy, the President said "It's not going to be easy decisions, guys. I met in the Oval Office with eight leading scientists in the area of AI. Some are very worried that AI can actually overtake human thinking and planning. So we've got a lot to deal with. An incredible opportunity, but a lot do deal with." Speaking of that, see our #1.

4. New Ways to Make Mistakes In Finance!

You know AI has made it into the financial mainstream if Bloomberg’s Matt Levine is writing about it. “Isn’t this sort of exciting?” he writes. “The widespread use of relatively early-stage AI will introduce new ways of making mistakes into finance!” Check out his scenario of ChatGPT suggesting that a hedge fund should sell Dogecoin call options to buy Nickel futures to hedge the Turkish elections.

3. Getty Sues Stability AI Again

A day after we shared Japan’s apparent decision to not enforce copyright in AI training, Getty has sued Stability AI again. This time it’s in London, and Getty is asking for an injunction to stop Stability AI from selling tools in the UK. Last month, Stability AI filed a motion to dismiss Getty’s lawsuit in the US. Anyone who thinks AI is getting too much venture capital clearly hasn’t seen the legal bills.

2. NeRFs, Meet Neuralangelo

In the latest instance of “sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Nvidia has shared Neuralangelo, a model that reconstructs 3D surfaces from 2D videos. The model combines photogrammetry and neural radiance field technology to create far crisper, more detailed 3D surfaces that could transform gaming, digital twins and more.

1. The AI Simulation Heard Round the World

Yesterday, a blog post summary of a recent event called the RAeS Future Combat Air & Space Capabilities Summit had a…very interesting section about an AI simulation.

Everyone’s question yesterday was “is this real?” Numerous outlets (including us over here) reached out to the person who gave the presentation, to little avail. News outlets began running with the story and by the end of the day it was everywhere. This morning however, the US Air Force denied that it had run any such simulation. 🤔

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